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We are a group of friends above all, a circle of active and motivated people, constantly seeking quality of services, though personal experience.

Our goal is to encourage more visitors to Kalymnos, throughout the year, as well as to offer the chance to those who are already familiar with this beautiful place, to return and experience it from a different angle, with a new perspective.

We can sense the potential of this land, but mostly we want to be part of the constantly rising global movement of renewing appreciation of values that matter.

We all as people have the need to live closer to nature again, interact with each other and communicate on a more substantial basis. The Kalymnos Experience gives you the chance of basing your holidays unto the model that most travelers look for.

Visit a place, interact and mingle with its people, be active, live the local experience. We visualize Kalymnos as the new mediterranean “Mecca” for outdoor activities. We invite you to visit and discover this place yourselves, this rocky gem in the crystal blue Aegean sea.

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The Kalymnos Experience is an easy-to-use activities availability platform, aiming to make things easier for the visitor, connecting them with numerous available experiences & professionals who offer activity services.

Since 2021 you can find us in our new multispace in Masouri, where we have launched the first Vegan and Vegetarian food bar in Kalymnos.

We offer activities, experiences, Vegan and Vegetarian super food, workshops, yoga classes in a digital nomad friendly space, where you can enjoy and relax.

We are the Kalymnos Experience

Core team members.

Michalis Gerakios
mr. guru

Michalis was born and raised on Kalymnos, but after a ten year absence, permanently moved back to the island in 2007. He holds a Ba in International & European Economics, a MPhil in Environment & Sustainable Development...

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Professionals who team up with our vision so far

This is a dynamic section, subject to changes and new partnerships. Please stay tuned.

Lucas Dourdourekas
climbing instructor

Lucas is originally from Levadia but he has been living and working on Kalymnos for several years and is one of the most renowned top climbers in Greece. He’s been participating in the Greek National Competitions...

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Michalis Koumparos
diving instructor

Michalis, born on the island of divers, has been gathering sea experience since he was a child. He is a professional diver and a diving instructor specializing in open water scuba diving and digital underwater photography...

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