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Dimitris comes from a sponge diver’s family for many generations and has literally grown up in the sea. He is one of the most well – known and experienced master divers on a national level and he has offered his services in numerous cases of underwater exploration, shipwreck recovery and search and rescue operations. When a project requires diving in serious depths, everyone knows that Dimitris is among the few accountable choices.

He is an instructor in the state Professional Diving School of Kalymnos and he runs his own business. What makes him stand out is that he is the only professional who still dives with the traditional sponge diver’s suit, the “Skafandro” keeping up a tradition that is nearly lost.

Dimitris is the central figure in the “Skafandro Experience”, a walk, or a sail if you prefer, along the sponge diver’s trail of a by gone era. His experience and cultural heritage shine through his work and will transport you not only physically but emotionally as well.