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Mikes is a true Kalymnian through and through, in body and spirit. He has lived on Kalymnos all his life constantly interacting with the environment for survival and recreation. Mikes grew up in Vathy, the most rural place on Kalymnos, if there is one, born in a family with close bonds with nature, very much a factor in his persisting love for the great outdoors.

Mikes is an all-around lover of the outdoors, participating in a number of activities that bring him close to his element and very knowledgeable about the Kalymnos landscape. He enjoys hiking and climbing and is a regular technical member of the Kalymnos Rescue Team.

Having grown up around horses he’s always had a fondness for the animals and jumped at the opportunity to make a profession of it.

He is currently the caretaker in the singular stables on the island as well as a horse riding guide, working with us to ensure you get the most out of your interaction with the animals and meet your specific interests along the way.