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Stathis is originally from Kalymnos and his main profession is a physics professor. He is one of the most passionate & experienced hikers on the island, as he has literally walked the entire island over numerous times, has discovered and revived ancient paths, forgotten trails and hidden trekking gems.

He is a renowned photographer, author of “Kalymnos, the sponge divers island”, a book of landscape photography, member of environmental organizations and among others, he collaborated with the National Institute for Geology and Mineral Exploration for a period of two years, collecting samples of sea water from around the island to be analyzed and compared with the national quality standards for swimming and marine life.

Stathis knows almost everything that each scattered stone has to reveal to the visitor. He will not only walk with you, but he will narrate and share all the unknown history details of the Kalymnos landscape.

This is what the Kalymnos Experience hopes to offer you through your trekking days, as everyone is capable to start walking around on his own, but is this really enough for you?