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Duration: 3 days - 2 nights
Location: Pserimos
Available Seat: 8
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Live an astonishing experience on an island without motorized vehicles and 35 permanent inhabitants. Feel the tranquility and quality of amenities, relax, meet and communicate with people who are in search for something different. Life should be a joy !

If you are around or plan to visit Kalymnos or Kos, you should definitely consider checking out Pserimos and place it on your to-do list!

Welcome to the island with no motorized vehicles and 35 permanent inhabitants! Prepare for moments of joy, amazing shades of blue and complete relaxation. An activity bundle, specially designed to include everything Pserimos has to offer, adjusted to the easy-going pace of life on this isolated paradise.

Our purpose is to introduce to you a place of exclusive beauty, just a breath away from Kalymnos port, favored by the locals as a relaxing destination. When Kalymnians want a day break or a weekend escape, Pserimos is the first choice. This is why we designed this mini-duration retreat, to be easy to follow, without altering the main cause of your visit. Recommended also for residents of Kalymnos & the nearby islands.

Upon completion of the Pserimos Experience retreat, you will have… Seen 2 different islands • Swam with dolphins • Entered a three – open cave complex • Lain under the Greek sun • Relaxed in the deep blue • Experienced more than 11 different activities, specially designed by us • Participated in a local gastronomy workshop • Come closer to nature at its best • Seen amazing landscapes • Explored the beautiful island of Pserimos • Made a step closer to self-consciousness • Tasted 3 days of great Aegean cuisine, with local and fresh ingredients • Lived 2 nights of exclusive and rejuvenating accommodation.


  • Accommodation included @ Pserimos Villas
  • Full board included

Just 50 meters from Pserimos beach, H Hotel Pserimos Village consists of 18 independent houses, ideal for moments of relaxation and high quality of services. All the houses are stone – built, with wooden decorations and details, inspired by the local architecture and respectful of the authenticity of the surroundings on this authentic Aegean island. With its own kitchen garden open to the residents, you can just pick your fresh salad yourself! Open spaces and a large swimming pool with a built-in fresh juice bar, reassure that your stay will be memorable.

Accommodation is based on a shared house – villa philosophy, therefore, we encourage participants to be open to the idea of sharing experiences and moments.


We strongly believe that we are what we eat. Quality is our guide, since in order to perform well, our body needs to be fed accordingly. All the ingredients used are as local, fresh and pure as possible.

We would like you to eat like we do, that is to say, we will introduce you to the famous for its longevity effects Aegean cuisine, which consists of local, seasonal and fresh ingredients and zero junk. We guaranty not to serve you anything raised in industrial farms, which will be full of hormones and toxins. Instead we promote dishes with free range chicken or free roaming goats and freshly caught Kalymnian wild sea food! If however you have special needs or requests concerning your diet, please feel free to let us know!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in selected restaurants on Pserimos, unless it is stated differently, like “lunch on board”.

daily schedule

The daily schedule has been thoughtfully designed to be a reflection of what this magnificent island is about.

The main idea is that without staying still, we constantly find ourselves on remote beaches, near old ruins, enjoying relaxing moments and breathtaking landscapes. Yoga plays a main role in this 3-day escape, as a means of balancing and detoxifying your body, mind and emotions.

You will mingle with the locals and you will experience the tranquility of a place where vehicles are not needed! The ultimate “beach life”, in a place where time stops and human communication spirals around a table of a traditional “taverna”, while your feet step on the sand. Are you willing to unplug yourselves? Be our guests!

The daily schedule is dynamic, based on participation & external factors such as the weather. Following this outline, the daily schedule will be discussed and agreed upon on site, the previous evening together with the organizers. For your convenience you can download the daily schedule.


  • Yoga
  • Hiking – trekking
  • Yacht cruise (2 islands)
  • Scuba diving
  • Deep water solo
  • Caving

  • Snorkeling with dolphins
  • Cliff diving
  • Fishing experience
  • Canyoning
  • Visit archeological sites
  • Wine tasting & gastronomy workshop

optional activities – services

  • Massage
  • More activities available upon request
  • Filming your days (drone, action cams)


cost included

Accommodation ⦿ Full board ⦿ Transfers to and from Pserimos ⦿ Activities organized by tKE ⦿ Equipment ⦿ Instructors ⦿ Government taxes, local taxes 24%

cost NOT included

Travel insurance ⦿ Optional activities – services ⦿ Beverages from pool bar

please be aware

❭ Participation in the Pserimos Experience retreat is also available from Kos (Mastichari port). Please contact us for details.

❭ For a private room request, please contact us for an offer.

❭ We reserve the right to subject the final schedule to necessary adjustments / changes upon early notice. Stay tuned.