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Location: Kalymnos
Available Seat: 3
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Just hangs in the air my friend. Feels like flying under the starry dome...

Tentsile Kalymnos is the first attempt to organize a tentsile tree camping on Kalymnos. The amazing 3-person sting ray, set up on beautiful spots around the island, now lies at a remote private spot over the cliffs of Platy Gialos. Overlooking the sunset above Kantouni, Linaria and Platy Gialos beaches, your limitless view turns into a night sleep under the starry dome, as tentsile has an optional open roof!

Ideal for couples or groups of three, we promise that this will be the most alternative camping you have ever done. With all the basic amenities needed for a night stay out, offer yourselves a gift of a life time!


cost included

Equipment ⦿ Government taxes, local taxes 24%

please be aware

❭ This is a DO IT YOURSELF activity.