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The sea bed of Kalymnos is one of the most interesting in the Mediterranean.

The sea bed of Kalymnos is one of the most interesting in the Mediterranean, rich in vegetation and marine life, shipwrecks and underwater caves.

Diving for sponges in the Mediterranean has been the islanders’ profession for centuries, mentioned even in Homer’s epics. This long heritage can be seen in the new generation of divers, and we can guarantee that you will be diving along with some of the finest professionals in a national level. Kalymnos is the only place in Greece which has a state professional diving school. Your instructors are teachers there.

Also keep in mind that Kalymnos was on the sea trading route from Egypt, Palestine, Crete etc. to Constantinople and even before this during Byzantine era, to Athens, Delos, etc. History could be literally seen on the Kalymnian sea beds which have sheltered many trade ships, war planes, battleships and even bombs!

The combination of these, led to the creation of a very good infrastructure, which makes scuba diving on Kalymnos, a safe and memorable experience. The island’s hospital is equipped with a modern decompression chamber and has specialized medical personnel, one of only a few available in Greece.

For a crowning surprise, if you wish, you can dive with wild dolphins and tuna, barracudas and other marine predators. The existence of some fish farms in the area, made them local residents and really friendly to scuba divers. Of course, we would politely ask you not to feed them, they are still wild animals.

Kalymnos, attempted sometime ago to develop a diving park in Arginonda bay, creating an artificial reef and banning fishing in the area. There is also a modern and fully equipped diving center there, which is closed at the moment, just as the rest of the project as it seems. However, voices are being heard about the need to complete this project and locals are optimistic about its future, and so are we.

tKE diving courses

  • Scuba training certification
  • Group diving
  • Recreational diving

  • Children’s diving
  • Deep water diving

The Kalymnos Experience puts you in touch with the best instructors available, in order to organize the best diving experience for you, whether you are a complete novice, or you are professional.

Short history & current facts on sponge diving from the official page of Kalymnos municipality.


cost included

Master diver & crew ⦿ Boat ⦿ Government taxes, local taxes 24%

please be aware

❭ No diving equipment is required.

❭ Special rates for children and families.