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Kalymnos Experience is an alternative agency, a project for promoting Kalymnos. It offers activities and outdoor adventure services, based on thematic experiences.

Kalymnos Experience as a concept, began through our personal interaction with visitors, mostly climbers, who were lost on information on what their options around the island were, on a rest day.

The Kalymnos Experience, creates the infrastructure, the network and the conditions, so that the visitor could try everything Kalymnos can offer as an island. From mainstream activities such as climbing and diving, to hidden jewels.

Should our visitor wish to wake up at 5.00 am, join a local professional fisherman in casting and collecting fishnets? Would he like to make cheese or be a part of the beehive harvesting? Would she dare to rappel down, hanging  50 m in the air, into a unique cave-chasm?

Try deep water solo in distant rocks? Swim with dolphins? Wear the traditional sponge diving suit called “skafandro”? Live two weeks of a unique Kalymnos Experience retreat? You should be aware that all of the above are set Kalymnos Experience activities, on or around the island.

The Kalymnos Experience combines everything and makes it simple. It is a unique platform, through which, the traveler has access to activities that take part on our island. Adding our special “tKE touch” in quite few of them, is what makes us stand out!